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Mike Rose / youtube / twitter / mail

System: PC, Occulus Rift

Liked Genres: Platformer, Strategy, RPG, Point & Click, Adventure, Fighting, Racing… (I like all genres…).

Not Liked Genres: None

About: “Mike Rose writes for Gamasutra, Kotaku UK,, and YouTubes on the side.”

platformerstrategyrpgPoint n Click Adventureadventurefightingracingotherall genrespcocculus riftyoutuber profilemike rose

SeaOtterGamer / youtube / twitter / mail

System: PC

Liked Genres: FPS, Survival, Voxel-based, Action, Adventure, MOBA, MMORPG, Point-and-click, platformer, Indie, third-person shooter, rogue-like, and puzzle.

Not Liked Genres: Sports

About: I will be playing a barrage of excellent video games and recording them for your viewing pleasure. Join me as I review, unbox, and fail to play number of different game types. Thank you all for watching, and I hope you had as much fun as I did playing!”

fpssurvivalvoxel-basedactionadventuremobammorpgPoint n Click Adventureplatformerthird person shooterroguelikepuzzlepcyoutuber profilesea otter gamer

GeekSkirt / youtube  / mail

System: PC

Liked Genres: Horror, Survival, MMO, Sandbox, RPG, Platformer, FPS… I like all genres

Not Liked Genres: None

About: N/A

horrorsurvivalmmosandboxrpgplatformerfpspcyoutuber profilegeekskirt

xdqmhose / youtube / twitter / mail

System: PC

Liked Genres: I like mostly sandbox, simulation, strategy, TCGs/CCGs but in general I’m up for anything fun, e.g. I also like Horror, FPS, Racing Games and Adventures.

Not Liked Genres: Unless it’s really really sandbox-ish, I don’t like RPGs. And unless it’s really rage-inducing, I don’t like Platformers.

About: My channel is based on the idea of “trial and error” while having fun, which is the perfect setting for having a first look at games. My channel title is “godking of fail” which ties in with the concept of “trial an error” - usually I make lots of errors that are fun to watch for my subscribers. It’s most important for me that my subscribers are well entertained.

sandboxsimulationstrategyhorrorfpsracingadventurepcyoutuber profilexdqmhose

DHAlucard / youtube / twitter / mail

System: PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U

Liked Genres: Horror, Shooter, RPG, Platformer, Point & Click, Adventure… (I like all genres…).

Not Liked Genres: None

About: My channel is not focused on 1 genre and thus will have something for everyone! :) I upload videos daily ranging from AAA, F2P, Multiplayer and Indie.

horrorshooterrpgplatformerPoint n Click Adventureadventureall genrespcps4ps3xbox 360xbox onewii uyoutuber profiledhalucard

LittleConfusedBrain / youtube / twitter / mail

System: PC

Liked Genres: Horror, First Person Horror, Roguelike, Adventure, Point ‘n Click Adventure, Action, Surreal, Sandbox, Platformer

Not Liked Genres: Puzzle

About: N/A

horrorfirst person horrorroguelikeadventurePoint n Click Adventureactionsurrealsandboxplatformerpcyoutuber profilelittleconfusedbrain

David Ryatta / youtube / twitter / mail

System: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, PS3, Xbox 360

Liked Genres: RPGs, JRPGs, platformers and action.

Not Liked Genres: FPS and sports games

About: My channel focuses on games of all types including imported titles for both review and analysis.

rpgjrpgplatformeractionmetroidvaniaaction rpgpcps4ps3xbox onexbox 360wii uyoutuber profiledavid ryatta

Rhapsody / youtube / twitter / mail

System: PC

Liked Genres: Roguelikes, platformers and strategy games.

Not Liked Genres: FPS

About: As Rhapsody I provide analytical and entertaining commentary of gameplay. I don’t focus too heavily on reviews, but tend to instead invest a fair amount of time into doing a thorough “Let’s Play” of a game.

roguelikeplatformerstrategymetroidvaniaturn based strategyreal time strategyrtsyoutuber profilepcrhapsody

GigaBoots / youtube / twitter / mail

System: PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS3, 360, Vita, 3DS, iOS, and Sega CD for anyone who’s still making those!

Liked Genres: Metroidvanias, Fighting, Shooters, Shmups, Action, Kuso games, Puzzle, Sims (dating or otherwise), Visual Novel, Experimental, and anything weird. We’ll play anything!

Not Liked Genres: Overly complex simulation-style sports games.

About: GigaBoots is a group of four guys who come together to record previews, reviews, podcasts, and other stuff frequently. We cover everything from imports and AAA to retro and indie. We have multiple weekly series including The Weekly Beating (a fighting game show,) What Indie Hell (a look at bizarre indie games,) RetroBoots (a look back at memorable retro games,) and our GigaBoots Podcast. We also do reviews and previews of games all the time so send us an e-mail to see if we’ll cover yours!

metroidvaniafightingshootershmupactionpuzzlesimulationweirdplatformerpcps4xbox oneps3xbox360ps vita3dsyoutuber profilegigabootsvisual novelexperimentaliosmobile

KaffeebecherLP / youtube / twitter / mail

System: PC

Liked Genres: Shooter, RPG, Strategy, Multiplayer, Co-op, Sandbox, MMORPG, Horror, Casual, MOBA - We love all genres!

Not Liked Genres: Tower Defense

About: Welcome, we are a young channel of four germans, who are ready to play some indie games. We’re four players with different playstyles which combines all genres.

shooterrpgstrategymultiplayercoopsandboxmmorpghorrorcasualmobapcyoutuber profilekaffeebecherlp

TheJuliaTrin / youtube / twitter / mail

System: PC, PS3

Liked Genres: Shooter, Action, Adventure, Point n Click, FPS, Sandbox, Action Adventure, Strategy… I basically like all genres

Not Liked Genres: No Restrictions

About: Daily Let’s Plays and First Impressions from Germany

shooteractionadventurePoint n Click Adventurefpssandboxaction adventurestrategypcps3youtuber profilethejuliatrin

JuicyPixel / youtube / twitter / mail

System: PC, Wii U, Xbox One

Liked Genres: RPGs, FPS, Sandbox, Platformers, Puzzlers, Strategy, Retro, Rougelike, Action Adventure, Simulation, Racing, Action, Adventure

Not Liked Genres: Generic MMOs

About: Juicypixel is the gaming commentary channel of Welsh designer Arron Davies, as well as the usual Minecraft he plays new and old games revisiting child hood favourites and discovering new games. His favourite games fall easily into the indie genre but has a growing passion for modern FPS and Platformers

rpgfpssandboxplatformerpuzzlestrategyretroroguelikewii uxbox onepcyoutuber profilejuicypixelaction adventuresimulationracingactionadventure

AnneNymus / youtube / twitter / mail

System: PC

Liked Genres: RPG, MOBA, Shooter

Not Liked Genres: Racing

About: My channel offers a mix of Let’s Plays and Vlogs (in which I talk about Games and show Best-Of clips of LP’s from previous weeks).

I prefer to play Co-op games or Multiplayer… because it is much more fun to play with several other people. (I have also a special format in which I play various games together with LP-buddies and viewers).

rpgmobashooterfpsfirst person shooterpcyoutuber profileannenymus

SuperSquare / youtube / mail

System: PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS Vita, 3DS

Liked Genres: RPG, Platformers, Art games, Shooter.

Not Liked Genres: MMOs

About: My channel covers games which excite me, and I try to get in depth when covering games. Hype Tank videos showcase upcoming games (some of which are crowdsourced), where Show n’ Tell is a more freeform format. I like to highlight games my fans have probably never heard of, so if you’ve got exciting indie game, I’m going to want to share it with my viewers!

rpgplatformershooterart gamespcps4ps3xbox360xbox oneps vita3dsyoutuber profilesupersquare

Panzer Dusk Attack / youtube / twitter / mail

System: PC

Liked Genres: Platfomrer, Shooter, Adventure, Strategy, RPG…Pretty much all genres

Not Liked Genres: Not a big fan of horror, but will play for review purposes

About: I do first impressions of games that are launched, previews and opinions on alpha or soon to release games (videos coming soon), and multiplayer collabs for fun.

platformershooteradventurestrategyrpgpcyoutuber profilepanzerduskattack

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