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JaRDev / youtube / twitter / mail

System: PC

Liked Genres: rogue-likes, action-adventure, FPS

Not Liked Genres: Neither of us are too fond of RTS games.

About: Our channel is mostly made up of my Don’t Starve content nowadays, but we still have a lot of First Impression type videos.

roguelikeaction adventurefpspcyoutuber profilejardev

FallenMonument / youtube / twitter / mail

System: PC

Liked Genres: Rogue-likes, RPGs, Shooters, Survival

Not Liked Genres: MOBA and competitive shooters

About: i don’t really know how to describe my channel other than I’ll make ya giggle like a schoolgirl.

roguelikerpgshooterfpssurvivalpcyoutuber profilefallenmonument

The Killer Bits / youtube / twitter / mail

System: PC, X1/360. PS3/4, WiiU, iOS (possibly Droid soon)

Liked Genres: Platformer, Shooter, Horror, RPG, Strategy, Simulation, Adventure, Fighting / Beat Em Up, Action, Arcade, Exploration, Multiplayer, Co-op, Sandbox, Open World, Music, Puzzle, Experimental, Other… We’ll give pretty much anything a go from AAA’s to the smaller, more obscure titles and even some retro stuff. Big fans of showcasing new indies

Not Liked Genres: As I said we’ll take a look at most things except, maybe, the yearly franchise sports titles.

About: We like to unleash our own brand of anarchic humour on the world of gaming, bringing the kind of banter and rivalry you get with couch co-op games to the videos that we make. We have our main magazine format show that features all the latest news, reviews and discussion. We do regular Developer Interviews and we have our Quick Bit (first impressions) series. Aswell as hardware feature, weekly vlogs, lets plays, etc.

platformershooterhorrorrpgstrategysimulationadventurefightingbeat em upactionarcadeexplorationmultiplayercoopsandboxopen worldmusicpuzzleexperimentalotherpcxbox 360xbox oneps3ps4wii uiosyoutuber profilethekillerbits

Paleo Vlogs About Stuff / youtube / twitter / mail

System: Mostly PC and Nintendo consoles

Liked Genres: Platformer, Puzzle, Action, Adventure, RPG, Strategy, Simulation, Casual, Shooter, pretty much anything

Not Liked Genres: Fighting is something I’m just not good at and that’s really it

About: I do vlogs about all sorts of media including film, cartoons, music, and video games! Also, I am not a diet.

platformerpuzzleactionadventurerpgstrategysimulationcasualshooterpcwiiwii uyoutuber profilepaleovlogsaboutstuff

NovaSlaysPixels / youtube / twitter / mail

System: PC, PS4

Liked Genres: Horror, Horror Survival, Zombie Survival, Survival, Adventure, Action Adventure, Platformer, RPG, Action RPG, MMO, MMORPG, Simulation, Exploration, Open World, Experimental, Surreal, Weird, Bizarre

Not Liked Genres: Sports

About: Hi! I’m Nova. On my channel, I mostly focus on Let’s Plays, but I’ll also be branching out into reviews, previews, and helpful guides. My favorite genre is Horror Survival, especially by indie developers. All of my content is accompanied by my sarcastic sense of humor, as I love to make people laugh.

horrorhorror survivalzombie survivalsurvivaladventureaction adventureplatformerrpgaction rpgmmommorpgsimulationexplorationopen worldexperimentalsurrealweirdbizarrepcps4youtuber profilenovaslayspixels

PyroFalkon / youtube / twitter / mail

System: PC, Xbox 360, Wii U, Wii, PS2, PS4 (soon)

Liked Genres: RPG, Adventure, Interactive Fiction, Sports (especially management), Simulations

Not Liked Genres: Racing, FPS, RTS, Puzzle, Card (Hearthstone, etc.)

About: I try to involve my regular fans and other commenters as much as possible. For example, when I did SimCity, I named all my cities after my fans. I take requests for games and suggestions on strategy, and otherwise try to involve them. “At PyroFalkon’s Let’s Play Extravangaza, you’re playing too.”

rpgadventureinteractive fictionsportsimulationpcxbox 360wii uwiips2ps4youtuber profilepyrofalkon

Mangaminx / youtube / twitter / facebook / mail

System: PC

Liked Genres: Horror, Adventure, Multiplayer, Action

Not Liked Genres: I’d prefer not to play MOBA and Strategy games

About: I do multiplayer features, first looks, Let’s Plays and a bunch of other stuff. Currently have 500k subs and clock over 7 million views a month.

horroradventuremultiplayeractionyoutuber profilepcmangaminx

JSmith OTI / youtube / twitter / facebook / mail

System: PC

Liked Genres: Action, Racing, Rogue-likes, Sims, Platformers, Multiplayer, FPS, 3PS, Sandbox

Not Liked Genres: Puzzle

About: Full-time Youtuber/Twitch Streamer, I play a little bit of everything. My channel covers a “Thing a Week” type of series in which I look at something new on a weekly basis but I also upload streamed content, Quick Looks, First Impressions, Previews, Reviews, Let’s Plays, etc. I aim to have a fun channel and typically cover only the games that I’ve had a lot of fun with and want to show them off.

actionracingroguelikesimulationplatformermultiplayerfps3pssandboxyoutuber profilepcjsmithoti

MyGowD / youtube / twitter / mail

System: PC

Liked Genres: FPS, Adventure, Horror, Strategy, Platformer, Shooter, Racing, Third Person Shooter, RPG, Simulation, Roguelike, Multiplayer, Co-op, Action, Arcade, Exploration, Experimental, Survival, Artistic, Strange, Weird, Sandbox, Other

Not Liked Genres: MOBA

About: N/A

fpsadventurehorrorstrategyplatformershooterracingthird person shooterrpgsimulationroguelikemultiplayercoopactionarcadeexplorationexperimentalsurvivalartisticstrangeweirdsandboxotherpcyoutuber profilemygowd

LazyGameReviews / youtube / twitter / facebook / mail

System: PC

Liked Genres: FPS, Simulation, Racing, Action RPGs, platformers, experimental and exploration FPS, scrolling shooters, bizarre and surreal experiences, obscure simulators, beat em ups with a twist, over-the-top retro and nostalgia-fests

Not Liked Genres: Not much I won’t try, but I usually steer clear from tower defense, turn-based and JRPGs, MOBA, most RTS games, dialogue-heavy point and click adventures

About: N/A

fpssimulationracingaction rpgplatformerexperimentalexplorationhorizoontal shootervertical shootertop down shooterbizarresurrealobscure simulatorfightingretroyoutuber profilepclazygamereviews

SpooderW / youtube / twitter / mail

System: PC, Xbox360, PS3

Liked Genres: Stealth, Old School FPS, Horror, Pretty much everything…

Not Liked Genres: Nothing really.

About: I’m SpooderW aka Mike Maulbeck. I made Paranautical Activity and now I’m making silly gaming videos in my spare time. I release new videos every weekday.

stealthfpshorrorshooterplatformeryoutuber profilepcxbox360ps3spooderw

Ohmwrecker / youtube / twitter / facebook / mail

System: PC, Xbox One, PS4, 360, PS3, Mobile

Liked Genres: Strategy, FPS, Roguelike, Indie, Simulations

Not Liked Genres: Sports games

About: I started getting more serious about the Youtube thing after leaving IGN in 2012, and have since seen some really fantastic growth on Youtube, Twitch, and Twitter. I’ve made some great friends along the way, and look forward to continuing this adventure.

strategyfpsroguelikesimulationyoutuber profilepcxbox oneps4xbox360ps3mobileohmwrecker

Zieg / youtube / twitter / facebook / mail

System: PC, PS4, PS3, PS2, PS1, Xbox360

Liked Genres: RPG, Action/Adventure, FPS, Puzzle, Horror, Platformer, Sim, Arcade, Strategy, Rhythm.

Not Liked Genres: Sports. Racing.

About: I started a youtube channel to share with people games that I thought were good, or had a touching story, that many people watching Lps would have missed due to age, or generally the fact they arent covered much.

rpgactionadventurefpspuzzlehorrorplatformersimulationarcadestrategyrhythmyoutuber profilepcps4ps3xbox360zieg

SirCrest / youtube / twitter / mail

System: PC

Liked Genres: Adventure, Action, Shooter, RPG, Puzzle(But bad at puzzles), Sandbox, Top-Down, Platformer.

Not Liked Genres: Sports, Strategy, Real Time Strategy, Fighting, Horror.

About: Hello there, my name is Brett. I run the channel “SirCrest” along with a small sister gameplay and Let’s Play channel called “CrestyPlays”. My channel is known for high quality cinematics in games as well as guides on hardware and games alike. However, I am working to start moving into previewing and reviewing more games and hardware, rather than just showing them off.

adventureactionshooterrpgpuzzlesandboxplatformeryoutuber profilepcsircrestsubmission

Big Dave is Cheap / youtube / twitter / mail

System: PC

Liked Genres: Platformer, RPG, Puzzle, Action, FPS, Shooter, CCG

Not Liked Genres: I honestly enjoy playing any and all genres of game

About: I started out focusing on bargain gaming finds and stumbled into a love affair with the indie game community. I am currently focused on developing content to try and make sure worthy indie titles get the attention they deserve.

platformerrpgpuzzleactionfpsshooteryoutuber profilepcbig dave is cheap

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