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JuicyPixel / youtube / twitter / mail

System: PC, Wii U, Xbox One

Liked Genres: RPGs, FPS, Sandbox, Platformers, Puzzlers, Strategy, Retro, Rougelike, Action Adventure, Simulation, Racing, Action, Adventure

Not Liked Genres: Generic MMOs

About: Juicypixel is the gaming commentary channel of Welsh designer Arron Davies, as well as the usual Minecraft he plays new and old games revisiting child hood favourites and discovering new games. His favourite games fall easily into the indie genre but has a growing passion for modern FPS and Platformers

rpgfpssandboxplatformerpuzzlestrategyretroroguelikewii uxbox onepcyoutuber profilejuicypixelaction adventuresimulationracingactionadventure

AnneNymus / youtube / twitter / mail

System: PC

Liked Genres: RPG, MOBA, Shooter

Not Liked Genres: Racing

About: My channel offers a mix of Let’s Plays and Vlogs (in which I talk about Games and show Best-Of clips of LP’s from previous weeks).

I prefer to play Co-op games or Multiplayer… because it is much more fun to play with several other people. (I have also a special format in which I play various games together with LP-buddies and viewers).

rpgmobashooterfpsfirst person shooterpcyoutuber profileannenymus

SuperSquare / youtube / mail

System: PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS Vita, 3DS

Liked Genres: RPG, Platformers, Art games, Shooter.

Not Liked Genres: MMOs

About: My channel covers games which excite me, and I try to get in depth when covering games. Hype Tank videos showcase upcoming games (some of which are crowdsourced), where Show n’ Tell is a more freeform format. I like to highlight games my fans have probably never heard of, so if you’ve got exciting indie game, I’m going to want to share it with my viewers!

rpgplatformershooterart gamespcps4ps3xbox360xbox oneps vita3dsyoutuber profilesupersquare

Panzer Dusk Attack / youtube / twitter / mail

System: PC

Liked Genres: Platfomrer, Shooter, Adventure, Strategy, RPG…Pretty much all genres

Not Liked Genres: Not a big fan of horror, but will play for review purposes

About: I do first impressions of games that are launched, previews and opinions on alpha or soon to release games (videos coming soon), and multiplayer collabs for fun.

platformershooteradventurestrategyrpgpcyoutuber profilepanzerduskattack

Alfapiomega / youtube / mail

System: PC

Liked Genres: Strategy, RPG, Roguelikes, Story Based Games, CTG, Management

Not Liked Genres: MMO, Sports

About: Welcome to my gaming channel! I mostly let’s play strategy games or roguelikes. But you can find something else here as well (i.e. interesting RPG games).

strategyrpgroguelikemanagementstory based gamespcyoutuber profilealfapiomega

DerTebbers / youtube / twitter / mail

System: PC

Liked Genres: Simulators, rpg, management, shooters, platformers… I’ve been playing games since the IBM PCjr so I play just about anything

Not Liked Genres: MOBA… if I had to pick one

About: N/A

simulationrpgmanagementshooterplatformerpcyoutuber profiledertebbers

Sir TapTap / youtube / twitter / mail

System: PC, PS3, PS4, Wii U

Liked Genres: Almost anything, particularly platformer, shmup, horror, art games

Not Liked Genres: MOBA, MMO, Sports

About: Short videos about a wide variety of titles with a focus on unusual, unique and interesting art styles, stories or gameplay. Typical videos are a 15-30 minute look into something I find interesting, often a first playthrough.

platformershootershmuphorrorart gamespcps3ps4wii uyoutuber profilesirtaptap

Twisted Inc / youtube / twitter / mail

System: PC

Liked Genres: FPS, RPG, MMO - My favourite games will either include Medieval/Fantasy lore, some element of Sci-Fi, or the ability to shape my world around me, i.e. Minecraft.

Not Liked Genres: Jump-scare, Horror, Thiller titles. I entirely dislike being too afraid to play a game. Things like Outlast etc simply aren’t for me. Although I absolutely love the Bioshock series, where the fear is environmental and not something jumping out at you at random just for kicks.

About: I started my channel in Nov 2013 after about 5-6 years of watching some (at the time) relatively small channels grow their viewer base considerably. I’m late to the game arguably but since my first video I’ve very quickly found that I love every aspect of the process - editing has to be up there as my favourite aspect! I upload 6-7 times a week, aiming for 1 video per day which I balance with a full time career as a Relationship Manager for a National company. On Twisted Inc you can expect to see tonnes of co-op gameplay, as I bring in some of my best friends to talk to while gaming, professional voice acting, lots of Minecraft footage, and I dedicate one day per week to Indie titles. I have huge aims to grow the channel, which I think is shown through my high quality, well thought out footage, my dedication to commission a channel artist and Chiptune music production artist, and my very active presence on Twitter.

fpsrpgmmosandboxexplorationpcyoutuber profiletwistedinc

ZedMasterGames / youtube / twitter / mail

System: PC

Liked Genres: Platformer, Action, Adventure, Indie, MMO, MMORPG, RPG, Survival, Bullet Hell Shooter, Action RPG, Action Adventure, Zombie Survival, Fighting

Not Liked Genres: Horror, Simulation, City Building & Management, Life Simulation, Facebook Games

About: Hi there, they call me Zed. On my channel you will see that I cover many games from indie to mainstream. I focus on Let’s Plays but I also make videos based on first impressions. If you’re a developer that would like me to take a look at your game, please feel free to contact me. I would gladly help out by giving some suggestions and/or making a first impression or Let’s Play.

actionadventureindiemmommorpgrpgsurvivalpcyoutuber profilezedmastergamesplatformerbullet hell shooteraction rpgaction adventurezombie survivalfighting

GamingFelix / youtube / twitter / mail

System: PC

Liked Genres: Pretty much all kind of games but I’m mainly interested in Horror, Platformer, RPG, Adventure and First Person Shooters

Not Liked Genres: Tower Defense, Turn Based Strategy

About: Just a Swedish guy with a passion for games. Love all kind of games, from Indies to AAA-games. I do Let’s Plays but also try highlight interesting games whenever I find them.

horrorplatformerrpgadventurefirst person shooterfpspcyoutuber profilegamingfelix

Alzorath / youtube / twitter / mail

System: PC

Liked Genres: TCGs/Card Games, Platformer ( Metroidvania, Puzzle Platformer, and standard Platformers), Strategy ( RTS, Turn-Based Strategy, and 4X ), RPG (cRPG, jRPG, action-RPG, and Rogue-like RPGs), Shooter ( Third-Person, First-Person, Top-down, and Twin Stick ), Simulation ( Life Sims & City/Tower/Colony Sims ), Action / Action Adventure, Arcade, Brawlers, Sandbox, Exploration, and Experimental titles

Not Liked Genres: MMO-anything, MOBAs, Visual Novels

About: Alzorath is a variety gamer who creates content ranging from more serious reviews, previews, first impressions, and strategy guides, all the way to the more light-hearted and laid back pieces of content such as Let’s Plays, Animations, and Podcasts. He generally keeps a policy of honest reviews and only reviewing titles that he enjoys or that he feels has a ‘redeeming quality, feature, or concept’ to avoid gross negativity and ‘kicking a dead horse’ that often occurs on other review channels.

card gamesplatformerstrategyrpgshootersimulationactionaction adventurearcadesidescroling brawlersandboxexplorationexperimentalpcyoutuber profilealzorath

SLVRDLLR / youtube / twitter / mail

System: PC

Liked Genres: Platformer, Metroidvania, Shooter, Horizontal Shooter, Vertical Shooter, Bullet Hell Shooter, Top Down Shooter, Arena Shooter, FPS / First Person Shooter, Third Person Shooter, Horror, First Person Horror, RPG, Action RPG, Turn Based RPG, Roguelike, MOBA, JRPG, MMO, MMORPG, Strategy, Turn Based Strategy, RTS / Real Time Strategy, Tower Defense, 4X, Simulation, Obscure Simulation, Adventure, Action Adventure, Point ‘n Click Adventure, Graphic Adventure, Visual Novel, Text Adventure, Fighting / Beat em up, Sidescrolling Brawler, Multiplayer, Co-op, Action, Arcade, Other, Sandbox, Exploration, Open World, Music, Rhythm, Puzzle, Casual, Zombie Survival, Survival, Experimental, Awkward Simulation, Surreal, Weird, Bizarre, Strange Artgames, Non Games, Artistic, Artsy, Arthouse

Not Liked Genres: Twin Stick Shooter, Non Grand Strategy, Construction/Management, Simulation City Building and Management, Life Simulation, Fighting, Racing, Racing Sim, Combat Racing, Vehicle Simulation, Sports

About: Living that Roguelike life. SLVRDLLR is a gaming channel that produces Let’s Plays, First Looks and Reviews. We prefer quality (HD recordings & crisp audio) over quantity. Our content producers are from either the U.S. or Canada and we generally try to keep things PG. We’re currently the largest active channel for the 8-bit mmo bullet hell shooter Realm of the Mad God, but we enjoy playing a large mix of games. We do combos of solo, duo or group narrations and also cross-promote the channel by streaming on Twitch. Best way to reach us is via email or Twitter @slvrdllrotmg.

platformermetroidvaniashooterhorizontal shootervertical shooterbullet hell shootertop down shooterarena shooterfpsfirst person shooterthird person shooterhorrorfirst person horrorrpgaction rpgturn based rpgroguelikemobajrpgmmommorpgstrategyturn based strategyrtsreal time strategytower defense4xsimulationobscure simulationadventure

Lazarus / youtube / twitter / mail

System: PC

Liked Genres: Roguelike, Platformer, Adventure, RPG, Strategy, Simulation, Fighthing / Beat em up, Exploration, Shooter

Not Liked Genres: Racing, Horror, Tower Defense

About: I’m Lazarus, a french-canadian Youtuber with an unconditional love for video games and good stories. On my channel you will find LPs and quick looks mostly focusing on indie and story-driven games, a long-running series called “Mille et une vies” where I play exclusively roguelike games, and some news / opinion vlogs about the video game industry. My goal is not only to entertain but also to share great indie games and wonderful stories with a french audience who’s often limited by the language barrier.

roguelikeplatformeradventurerpgstrategysimulationfightingbeat em upexplorationshooterpcyoutuber profilelazarus

El Gamer Cosplayer / youtube / twitter / mail

System: PC, Nintendo 3DS, Wii U

Liked Genres: Fighting, Shooter, Action, Stealth, RPG, Puzzle, Beat ‘em Up (I dig games with an Arcade/Retro Style)

Not Liked Genres: Simulation, MMORPG, realistic Sport/Racing (‘cuz I love Mario Kart and Mario Tennis)

About: I make Live Action Videogame Fan Films and Reviews. I’m bilingual (Spanish/English)

I have a great focus on Comedy/Parody/Satire :3

fightingshooteractionstealthrpgpuzzlebeat em uparcaderetropc3dswii uyoutuber profileelgamercosplayer

Andrew Dickman / youtube / twitter / mail

System: WiiU, Wii, Gamecube, N64, Super NES, NES, PS4, PS3, PS2, PSX, 3DS, DS, Gameboy Advance, Gameboy, PC, Xbox360

Liked Genres: Platformer, Shooter, Action/Adventure, Classic, Puzzle, Horror, RPG (willing to try anything however)

Not Liked Genres: FPS, Strategy, RTS, Online MMO, Racing

About: Electronic Heroes is a series devoted to talking about the memorable games (and infamous titles) of our past, present and… Perhaps the future? I like to delve into the creativity and fun of games and the characters involved, what makes them fun, what makes them NOT fun, and hopefully we’ll all have a laugh and learn something. Or not. I also delve into all those little nick nacks here and there connected to games, like toys, books, magazines and etc. All those little things we like about games when not playing them. Hopefully we learn a little something… but laugh at it… OR… Maybe yes.

platformershooteractionadventureaction adventurepuzzlehorrorrpgclassicretrowii uwiigamecuben64super nesnesps4ps3ps2psx3dsdsgameboy advancegameboypcxbox 360youtuber profileandrewdickman

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